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Jagdgeschwader 54 "Grünherz"


The JG54 'Green Hearts' is our club for fast air-cooled Volkswagens.

Cars in the club must run quicker than 15.99 seconds in the 1/4 mile.

Busses in the club must run quicker than 17.99 seconds in the 1/4 mile.

The original JG54 'Grünherz' was one of the elite Messerschmitt squadrons in World War II. Some of the highest scoring flying aces were in the JG54.

The 'Devil's head' logo and the 'Green heart' logo were the insignia of Staffel 9 Gruppe 3.

We chose this as our logo as in the USA, they have the Der Kleiner Panzers which translated means 'the little tanks'.

We decided that as we were making Volkswagens go fast, and Messerschmitts were definately fast, it would make a suitable name for the club.

More details of the club and the cars in it will follow soon.

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