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At Funkenblitz, our goal is to offer a high standard of workmanship in every aspect of our work, whether it be basic service, MOT work, restoration, custom fabrcation, or high performance modifications.

Whatever Volkswagen you drive, we want it to drive as well as possible. Old cars can be a pain - especially when things stop working properly. We want your vehicle to start, stop, corner and ride as well as it can.

With the correct use of after market components, the drive of your vehicle can be significantly improved. We say 'correct' components because a lot of the 'after market' parts are, frankly, poor quality and/or badly designed rubbish.

With our many years experience, we know what parts fit and work properly, and which don't. You, the customer, tell us what you want from your car, and we are able to tell you the correct way to go about it.

It is not in our interest to sell you parts that will not improve the drive of your vehicle. This is wasting your money and our time. Getting an old Volkswagen to drive perfectly is not necessarily a 'cheap' thing to do - however, we have seen a lot of people spend a lot of money and still end up with a vehicle that is awkward, difficult and/or dangerous to drive.

When we undertake high performance modifications, outright speed is not our only goal. The safety of the vehicle becomes a very important issue - more so as the vehicle's performance becomes greater.

If we fit a high performance engine and gearbox, we will want to look at the brakes, suspension and structural integrity of the vehicle. We would not sleep easily knowing that we had sent you down the road or track in a dangerous vehicle.

The 'rat look' is a classic example of this phenomenon. There is nothing wrong with a vehicle that is structurally and mechanically sound, but that is, shall we say, 'challenged' in the bodywork area. In fact, much fun can be had surprising people with the supercar performance of a tatty looking Volkswagen. However, this is of no use if you injure or kill yourself in the car on the first corner or when you can't stop.

Much talk is made in magazines of Volkswagens with Ferrari-eating performance abilities. However, next time you see a Ferrari, have a look at the brakes that are fitted. Whilst this kind of braking performance is difficult (but not impossible) to achive on a old Volkswagen, making sure that the standard brakes are in tip-top condition should be the minimum consideration.

Please don't misunderstand us - we won't make you buy unnecessary equipment - we want you to be safe and have fun. Also we will not jeopardise our reputation by letting you loose in an unnecessarily dangerous vehicle.

Part suppliers

We are the southern agent for VW Speedshop - 99% of our performance parts come from Paul Hamilton at VW Speedshop. His years' of experience on top of ours allows us to offer you the exact parts you want for the performance engine you require.

All our engine machine work and one-off machining is carried out by Pressco Precision Engineers.

Most of our standard mechanical parts and restoration panels come from VW Heritage.

Most of our standard consumable items come from German and Swedish and French.

Any custom parts we get from Machine 7.

Any modified T2 parts come from Creative Engineering.

Gene Berg shifters and traction bars come from Bernard Newbury.

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