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Out there now

Tom Silsbury's 56 Oval Sunroof (2276cc)

Tom Silsbury's car

Tom has owned his car for over 10 years now. It has twice been judged Volksworld Show 'Best Cal-Look'. It has seen 3 engine upgrades and one gearbox upgrade. The current engine is a 2276cc 48IDA engine with a Rancho Pro-Drag gearbox. It is a testament to Tom's dedication that the car is still in absolute tip-top condition. In fact, he won the Brighton Breeze 'Best of Show' in 2002, five years after the car was first shown!

Please click on the picture for more details.

Andrew Searle's 74 1303S (2443cc)

Andrew Searle's car

Andy's car came to us as a very solid 1303, the car had been repainted a couple of years previously and fitted with 17" Porsche Cup wheels, uprated front and rear anti-roll bars, and modified adjustable front suspension struts.

We built and fitted a nitrous injected 2443cc engine and Pro-Drag IRS gearbox. The combination of this engine in a car fitted with front struts and IRS rear suspension makes for a very fast and very stable Volkswagen.

Please click on the picture for more details.

Andrew Burton's 63 Notchback (1776cc)

Andrew Burton's car

Andy's car is an early Notchback. While slightly ratty in appearance, it is a fairly solid car. He wanted to keep the 'rat look', but improve the performance. A hot 1776 was planned, built and fitted.

Please click on the picture for more details.

James Dore's '62 Beetle (2109cc)

James Dore's car

James wanted a solid, original early 60's Beetle. We found him this very original unmessed with car that had only had two previous owners. He wanted a proper Cal-Looker complete with stroker motor and close ratio transmission.

Please click on the picture for more details.

Mike Griffiths' '62 Beetle (2276cc)

Mike Griffiths' car

Mike is a big fan of the "rat-look". He wanted a tatty looking, but solid early 60's Beetle. We found him a solid Beetle that only needed minor welding repairs. The original paintwork was very faded and patchy which suited the look he was after. He wanted a large capacity 48 IDA stroker motor, close-ratio transmission along with upgraded brakes. Early Fuchs wheels were also on his wish list.

Please click on the picture for more details.

Andy Jewell's '62 Beetle (1914cc)

Andy Jewell's Car

Andy has owned his car for 10 years. It has been featured in VolksWorld. After a long search, he found himself the most solid original '62 Beetle he could - it has never had any welding. He recently had the car repainted. For a long time, Andy had a mild 1776cc fitted with stock heads and Weber 40mm carburettors. Three years ago, we built him a hot 1776 complete with Weber 48IDA carburettors that he bought from Keith Seume. The engine has just been freshened up with a new case and an increased capacity to 1914cc.

Please click on the picture for more details.

Colin Platt's '54 Oval Beetle (1914cc)

Colin Platt's Car

Colin has owned his LHD Oval Beetle for just over two years. It is another very original unwelded car, originally brought in from Sweden by Owen Warlow. Colin raced his car at the Thorney Island custom car show in 2002, and ran a 14 second dead quarter mile with a stock gearbox!!

Please click on the picture for more details.

Other cars

The web site is currently being worked on, and we haven't finished these pages yet! Here is a list of the cars that we'll get the web site updated with:

Simon Thorn's '74 Karmann Ghia (2109cc)

Pictures to come!

Max Jamieson's '63 Beetle (2332cc)


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